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The best celestial navigation book in print.

I am a celestial instructor, and am very happy to recommend this to my students. The...real strength of Prinet's book is his exercises. He doesn't just talk about what one ‘would’ do to fix his position using sextant data, but progressively walks the reader through the process with a number of exercises. This is a book that, if you work through it with a pencil in your hand, you will understand.

Bob G. ( on )

A very well written book with
great examples and practice exercises.

This is a well written book. The theory is organized in a very logical progression and is easy to follow. This is my first book on celestial navigation (and my introduction to the topic) and I found the many illustrations and examples to be incredibly helpful. What I really enjoyed about this book were the numerous exercises so that I could practice what I just learned.

The book starts with an introduction to celestial navigation that includes the concepts and how to use a sextant, and then it takes you through the various methods of taking readings and how to use them. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about celestial navigation.

Devin Jain ( on )

"Brilliant work,
hats off to the author.

Started self-study with this book a few weeks back and
must say how happy I am with the format, figures, & examples.
Very well-written and highly recommended!"

blake walker

Dominique's book is simply the best!!

(It’s) Simple, clear and concise. You will come away understanding the principles and practices to find your way anywhere in the world with only a compass, watch, almanac, and sextant. Highly recommended!!

Larry P Hansen, Sail Canada Instructor Examiner and Yachtmaster Offshore ( on )

A fantastic book!

Celestial Navigation by Dominique Prinet is a great book. It unlocks the mystery of sight reduction into easy to follow steps. The book offers a wealth of information and is really well presented. The book works well for self study or can be used as a course manual if you teach a Celestial Navigation Course.

I used the book to prepare for the Sail Canada (Canadian Yachting Association) celestial navigation standard and successfully passed the exam. I am a sailing instructor and run my own sailing school. We plan on offshore sail training and will use Dominique's book for the required Celestial Navigation portion of the course.

Christof Marti ( on )

Well written and easy to follow.

I haven't read any other books on the subject so I can't compare. But I can say that this book was well written and easy to follow. After reading it, I can easily take and reduce sights on the sun, moon, planets and stars and plot my location. If you are like me and plan to cross an ocean one day and plan on using Celestial Navigation as either the primary means of navigation or as back-up in case the GPS fails, then this is a great book to teach you the fundamentals. Then all you'll need is a sextant, a celestial almanac and maybe some sight reduction tables.

Sally ( on )

I've wanted Celestial Navigation for years...

I've wanted Celestial Navigation for years. With this book I was able to complete the course and pass my exam for Celestial Navigation certification. Thank you!

Karlis Kalnins ( on Amazon )

"Great Book!
Easy to understand and follow.

After reading it I feel confident in my understanding on the subject
of celestial navigation. It works well as either a stand alone home
studies or in conjunction with an instructed course. I read the
manual first and then took the CYA course / test to gain my
certification. This book helped me to easily get 100% on the test.
I highly recommend it."


I wouldn’t consider any other resource.

I always use your book, it has helped hundreds of my students succeed as competent navigators. The same applies to your Celestial Navigation book, it has helped over a dozen of my students navigate across oceans. Thank you my friend!

Larry Hansen