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Study or Teach

with this excellent guide.
It is clear, easy to understand,
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Ideal for Celestial Navigation Instructors & Schools
as well as for self-study, this excellent instructional tool
has grown out of all the courses given by Dominique Prinet,
a certified Instructor-Evaluator for Sail Canada
who taught celestial navigation for close to 15 years.
It has benefitted from the thoughtful contributions of over 100 students.


This manual is specifically designed to help students understand the concepts of Celestial Navigation and the logic behind each step. Through clear graphics and numerous examples, it demonstrates the simple calculations required, which are basic additions or subtractions of angles and times, as well as straight interpolations.

The exercises at the end of each chapters, and the 50 pages of review exercises in Chapter 18, will facilitate student practice at home. The manual is designed to help navigators prepare for the official tests by Sail Canada, The Royal Yachting Association, and the American Sailing Association, in class or by home study. In addition, the YouTube channel contains videos supporting the course material.

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"I set thee high for
a star in the heavens,

a sign and hope for the seamen."

- Charles Kingsley, Andromeda