Courses and Exercise Books By Dominique Prinet

coastal navigation exercise book

Your Skills

with Over 100 exercises
based on the Canadian

chart Strait of Georgia,
Southern Portion


is the companion to the course book,
Coastal Navigation, and is based on the notes prepared
for students during some 20 years of teaching navigation
to private and professional pilots and mariners.


The exercises require the data tables given in the Appendix of the exercise manual, as well as the Canadian marine chart Strait of Georgia, Southern Portion, published by Canadian Hydrographic Services and available through chart retailers.

The exercises constitute an exceptional tool for Sailing Instructors, as well as for navigators who prefer to study at home. They are grouped in seven sessions corresponding to the three-hour lectures of the Power Point presentation, which are FREE for download on the Free Downloads page. This PPT presentation shows the images illustrating both the course and the exercises; each exercise question is on one slide, and the answer on the next one.


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navigation aids

Excerpt: Session 2
Navigation Aids

time speed distance

Excerpt: Session 3
Time, Speed, Distance

tide tables

Excerpt: Session 5
Tide Tables

answers to session 4

Excerpt: Answers
Answers to Session 4

answers to session 6

Excerpt: Answers
Answers to Session 6