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celestial navigation exercise book

Your Fluency
in using the almanac &
sight reduction tables

with these
additional excercises


The Celestial Navigation Exercise Book
offers examples of problems, with their solutions,
in addition to those offered in the Celestial Navigation course book.
All the data tables required to solve these problems
are given in the manual, together with work-forms
which guide and facilitate the calculations.


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This manual was specifically designed to offer exercises to the students interested in mastering Celestial Navigation. These exercises complement, but are different from, those offered in the Celestial Navigation book. This printed version, available from retailers of marine books and from the larger distributors listed below, contain the questions, the work forms guiding the calculations, the data tables required for the problems, and the answers.

It will be most helpful to students who wish to verify and polish their Celestial Navigation skills before a long offshore journey. It will also be of considerable use to sailors who have studied the Celestial Navigation book but wish to strengthen their understanding and knowledge of the topic. Finally, it will allow the students following the free Power Point presentation of the course in eight sessions to do the exercises offered at regular intervals along the presentation, and check their answers.

The data tables at the end of this Exercise Manual are identical to the ones in the Celestial Navigation book.

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table of contents

Tabel of Contents
First Page

sextant corrections

Session 1, Exercises 1-3
Sextant Corrections

sight reduction tables

Session 4, Exercises 16-19
Sight 19, Sight Reduction Tables...

plotting of sight

Session 7, Exercises 34-40
Plotting of Sight 36

calculation of local hour angle

Home Exercises 1-9
Calculation of Local Hour Angle

noon sight

Home Exercise 9
Noon Sight, 01 Feb, 2015